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LPCO Klassic Rock – London Pub Crawls Org Klassic Rock Station.




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For anyone who wants to listen to some rare and classic rock tunes, this is the place. During pub crawls we will announce specials at pubs, have contests to win cool t-shirts and play birthday announcements or any other announcements. On that rare occasion we will take requests.



How Can I listen to LPCO Klassic Rock?

You can listen to the station right here, right now or on these other platforms – on our pub crawl app, a smart phone, laptop, tablet and at home on your desktop.  You can even plug LPCO Radio into your media player and have it available all the time!  Just download this handy station plugin.

Can I advertise on your station?

Yes, for a small fee we will run your ad on our station.  Please see our Radio Ads page for more details.  If you want to wish someone a happy birthday or any other kind of shout out while on your crawl, you’ll need to let us know a week before the scheduled crawl.  Fee is £1 for the name to be listed in a group of names and £2 for a single shout out.  After that we will play a birthday song.

Do you have a live show too?

YES! We will be having live shows during pub crawl season – Basically April to October. If anyone is having a Silent Pub Crawl (everyone wears headphones and listens to the same music thingy at the same time) we will make sure we are on air, taking requests and having fun with everyone!