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Here are a few great ideas for any pub crawl.  Sometimes I get bored just sitting around talking and drinking beer.  There should be something fun to do on a crawl.  I’ve found some great ideas and have come up with some of my own that sound like fun and  are are easy to pull off.  Besides going to pubs that have pool tables, dart boards, Foosball or something else to play game-wise, I’ve come up with this list and hope you find a fun idea to try.  Doing something on your crawl will even give you things to talk about to someone you might be meeting for the first time.




Treasure Hunt – find items on a list that has been given to you.  It can have anything on the list that you want.  Some examples are beer coasters, to go menu, drink umbrella, and more…

Pub Quiz – ask questions about the last pub you were in or have a mini trivia contest.  Winner drinks free at that bar.

Bingo – Yes, good old Bingo!  make up cards and hand them out to crawlers.  Whoever fills their card up or gets 5 in a row and win a free drink.  How about they pick the drink everyone else has to drink?  Maybe a crawl T-Shirt.  It can be anything for a prize. (some cards coming soon)

Pub Poker – each person will get a new card at every new pub.  At the 5th or 7th pub see who has the winning hand.  That person gets a free drink, or again can pick the drink everyone has to have in the specific pub.

Cigarette GameNO smoking involved.  You only need a full unopened cigarette flip top box for hours of fun.  You play by tossing the box in the air and see how it lands.  The cigarette box MUST flip twice or more in the air before landing on the table or bar.  If it flips only once, or not at all, you loose your turn and pass the box to the next person.  A save is if you catch the box before it hits the table or the floor.  If you catch it, you can throw again.  If you miss, you pass the box on.  If and when you get the box to flip in the air twice and it lands on the table or bar,  everyone but the thrower will have to take a certain number of drinks depending on how the box landed on the table.   How the box lands, determines how many drinks your group has to drink.  There is no limit on the number of players you can have.  Playing with 2 people gets you pretty smashed, let alone 6 or 8.  This is one of my all time favorite games to play.

  • Flat:  Nothing happens, you pass box to next person.
  • On it’s horizontal side:  Everyone drinks 2; except thrower and the box is passed.
  • Label upside down:  Everyone drinks 4; except the thrower and the box is passed to next person.
  • Label right side up:  Everyone drinks 6; except thrower and the box is passed to the next person.


That being said, here are the rest of the rules:

  • If the box lands on something, say an ashtray or coaster, you can use that item to place the box in a position to make the group drink.  If the box falls off the object, then you loose your turn and no one drinks.
  • If you flip the box and it lands on the floor, thrower drinks 2 and passes box on to next person.
  • If you have smokers around, and the box lands in the ash tray, the thrower has to empty said ashtray and drink 2.  Pass the box to the next person.

3’s – Using 6 six-sided dice, each player rolls up to 6 times per turn. The point is to get as few points as possible per turn. They must keep at least one die per roll, but may keep as many as desired. The point value of each die is worth face value except threes, they’re worth zero. Winner of the turn is exempt from drinking. Losers must drink the amount of points they have.  We’ve played that the person with the lowest score picks a shot for everyone else to drink.

Example: I roll all the dice and get a 2, a 1, a 3, and two 6s.  I would keep the 3 and roll the rest of the dice.  I get a 4, 2, 1, and 6. I keep the 1.
I roll the remaining three dice and get two 3s and a 6.  I keep the two 3s and roll the last one. I get a 2. My total score for this turn is 3. I then pass the dice to the next player.


These are just a few games to play that are easy to carry around with you.  Hope you have a great crawl!