Paid Events – Pub Crawls

Need head counts for your crawl or donations to your favorite charity.  Maybe you need to pay in advance for a party bus or private room at the pub.  We’ve got you covered with this simple solution that can handle 5 to 5000 in your group.  it’s free to use if you do not charge your quests and friends.  If you do charge there is a tiny fee that is charged to each ticket. No more the 3% of the ticket price.  It’s such a great deal, we wanted to pass it on to you!

If you’re looking to have a huge crawl for charity or fun, we have the perfect solution for you.  With Eventbrite, you can set up ticket sales for your event.  This is an excellent way to have your group pay in advance of your crawl or any event you plan to have.  Some of the excellent features offered are:


Save time and do more

  • Get everything you need to plan, promote and manage your best event yet.
  • Customise your event page
  • Design your page, offer multiple ticket options including reserved seating, and add questions to get to know your attendees.

Let attendees pay online

Accept credit and debit cards with Eventbrite’s secure payment processor, PayPal, and more. Track sales and refunds all in one place.

Get the word out

  • Send invitations and emails from your Eventbrite account. Let attendees spread the word with built-in sharing tools on your event page.
  • Track real-time progress
  • See who’s coming, how much money you’ve made and stay organised with 24/7 access to your dashboard and reports.

24/7 world-class support

Eventbrite’s expert customer team is here to help you and your guests 24 hours a day, every day, to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Manage your guests

Check in your attendees or scan tickets using the free Eventbrite app. Manage orders at your event with Eventbrite Neon, our free box office app.

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